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"I was really impressed how fast they came to start my car. I've had AAA for 25 years and you guys are a lot better. Even the driver was very pleasant. Keep up the good work. P.S. I canceled AAA after many years of service."
-- A.A., Nevada
Emergency Towing and Road Service Benefit

"I didn't have any medical insurance and this went on my doctor and hospital bills...it really helped out."
-- R.H., Virginia
Emergency Medical Expense Benefit, $30,811.74

When I locked myself out of my car, it was nice to know I could call on someone and know that the cost was covered ny my Auto Security Plan."
-- M.G., Florida
Emergency Locksmith Benefit

Even a small mishap can be a big financial burden. With your homeowner's deductible benefit, we were able to have our loss fixed without any financial burden to worry about. Thank You!"
-- K.C., New York
Homeowner's Insurance Deductible Reimbursement Benefit

I could take my son to the hospital for emergency care and not worry about unexpected changes... also they had prompt response to my claims and payments."
-- C.F., Ohio
Emergency Medical Expense Benefit

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